Thursday, February 7, 2013

#5 Inspiration

So I didn't write yesterday. I feel asleep because I was tried, frustrated and drained. I woke up today first wanting to beat up on myself for not sticking to my regime of writing this blog everyday. Sometimes I think we put so much pressure on us to do well. There are times when we will just have to start all over again or just try again. I will definitely write later on today, but I first wanted to share a video that I saw today. It made me cry, laugh and realize to never give up even when it seems like it's impossible. Please see the link below, hopefully it will inspire you like it inspired me.
Thank you for inspiration!

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  1. I agree that we often place a lot of pressure on ourselves with good intensions, but when we fall short I believe we punish ourselves more so than anyone else wood. Keep starting over until you get just right!

  2. Thanks! You are so inspiring, I keep trying to write and then I stop due to my schedule. Being a student is so up and down. I will definitely try to write again.