Friday, December 31, 2010

#68-Looking Back

History teaches us so much if we are willing to look back and learn from it. Yesterday I watched the movie, "Rosewood." The movie takes place in 1922 and is a true story about an all-black town that is destroyed after a woman lies about a black man beating her. The men from her town go on a rampage and murder almost everyone in the other town. This is a movie that I would love everyone to watch especially those people who aren't familiar with America's history post- slavery. (Yes there are still people who don't know a lot about slavery) Looking back at America's history makes us realize why we should never forget our past. As we go into a New Year, I definitely look forward, but I also try to look back. I look back to all the things that happened in 2010. It was a good year for me, but it was a year of change and there were difficult moments from getting married, experiencing a death in my life, and then moving to a new state. I learned so much about how to handle stress and change. If I didn't go through what I did in 2010, I couldn't have learned these lessons to make myself a better person in 2011. So thank you for the mistakes of the past to improve my future!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

#67-Health Insurance

Even if you don't have health insurance at this moment, hopefully sometime in your life you did have it. These days having health insurance is like winning the lottery. I haven't had health insurance for about two years and I am so thankful to have it today. There are so many things that we take for granted everyday. I took for granted the convenience of going to a doctor and getting a prescription for a few dollars. There are people all around the world that don't have the opportunity to do that. When I had health insurance I never knew a life without it. I could go to the doctor even if had a small cough. There are people with curable diseases, but don't have access to medicine. When I became uninsured I realized how good I had it and that in a blink of an eye your life can change. I am grateful for the opportunity to go to the doctor today and I hope one day everyone will be able to have access to medicine. Instead of the right to bear arms, how about the right to medicine?!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


We have legs for a reason, right? There are a lot of people in the world who can't use their legs and rely on their arms and other parts of their body to get around. I am amazed how people who have been in an accident and are paralyzed get back up and make the best of their situation. Lately I have been so lazy and haven't been using my legs much. It has been cold and the holiday season makes you want to eat, sleep, and be merry. Today it is a little warmer, so I decided to walk to the grocery store to get a few items to make Mexican Cornbread. Yum! As I walked to the store I realized how we take our legs for granted. We can easily get into a car or a bus and it takes us where we want to go. I wonder how I would survive if I lived in the time period when there was barely a horse and carriage to take people places. I am sure that I would probably make the best of it. After walking to the store I felt like I had more energy and that I accomplished something today. I also felt thankful for the ability to walk and go where I needed to go! Thank you for my legs because I don't know what I would do without them!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

#65-Cleaning House

I love the concept of Spring Cleaning. After the snow and the cold weather, the flowers start to bloom and the weather gets better. Spring Cleaning is a message for everyone to go through their house and begin cleaning out all the things they don't use or have a need for and throw them away or give them to someone else to deal with. I love doing this not only with my belongings, but the people and old ideas that I have held onto. With 2011 approaching this is a perfect time to do this. We all have our New Year's resolutions that we write down every year. One of my New Year's Resolutions is to get rid of people and things that don't better my life. Some people I may still have to deal with, but maybe I change how I deal with them. I can change my mentality on how I view those people and deal with them on a different level. When I clean house, I feel more powerful because I have done something for myself. I have sent a message to the universe that these things don't matter to me and I will not let those things have power in my life. I already started today and I feel better. Hopefully, unlike most resolutions I can keep this going throughout 2011 or furthermore for the rest of my life.

#64-Waking up Early

I was a very bad girl yesterday. I did not write my blog. I came home after my flight and told myself I would write my blog at night and I fell asleep. I went to bed at about 10pm and that is very abnormal for me. I usually go to bed at 3am, so I was very tired. I woke up this morning at about 8am and felt like I was well rested. Lately I've been going to bed late and waking up late. For the past few years I have had a job that starts in the afternoon, so this routine is very normal for me. Though there is something about waking up early. It doesn't mean that you need to go anywhere when you get up, it just makes you feel like you have more time during the day. It is nice to just have breakfast, read a little and just relax before your day begins. I am not saying that I am totally changing my life and getting up at 6am everyday. I am going to try to get up a little earlier to enjoy the sunshine of the day. Maybe I will try doing something new during that time. It will give me time to relax and reflect before I begin my day. Thank you for another great early start of the day!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


We all have our moments of insecurity. Even the most confident person will occasionally realize that they may not like their nose or how tall or short they are. I am thankful today for my self-confidence. In the past and even today people have said things to me that made me feel icky inside. It made me feel like one of those days when you want to crawl underneath the covers and never leave. Though my self-confidence always brings me back. I start to realize that I do have flaws and I can only try to accept them and try to improve them. But self-confidence makes you feel as though those flaws don't define who you are. If I got upset over every little thing someone said to me, I would be crazy! Also, the saying is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Someone else may think that you are too short or that you are too dark-skinned, but as long as you like yourself that is all that matters. Also, there is always someone out there who loves short women or dark-skinned women (or man sorry fellas for almost leaving you out). I think we definitely control our image of who we are. If you feel great about how you look, others will see you that way. If you feel like you what to hide that part of your body that you don't like, you will draw attention to that area. So to that person today who tried to make me feel like I was less than, thank you for reminding me why my self-confidence is so important!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Remember Christmas when you were a little kid? You would go to sleep and hope that Santa got you that favorite toy you have been wanting all year! I remember one Christmas when I woke up in the middle of the night and saw my mom putting my presents under the Christmas tree. I went back to sleep and made sure she didn't see me. I woke up Christmas morning and acted like nothing happened. I made her think that I still believed Santa put my gifts under the tree. I think I still wanted to play along with that little story every parent tells their children. Christmas reminds me how we love to pretend and dream. We love holidays that give us a chance to dress up and have fun. Christmas also gives us an excuse to spend more time with family and realize what is important in life. I hope that amongst all of the crazy Christmas shopping and cooking that we still remember the people that matter the most. So drink, eat and be merry because well just because we can! Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 24, 2010

#61-Going back home

Moving almost every two years makes me feel as though I have several homes. Right now Florida is my home, but I can relate to New York and even to Ann Arbor, Michigan where I went to school. Though there is something about the place where you actually grew up. The place where you had your childhood memories and where your family lives. Even though I don't want to move back there, I do enjoy when I go home. While driving to my my mom's house we always pass the familiar places that I can remember and the restaurants I wish they had all around the world. I love to see the changes they made to places that were once familiar to me. Then I catch myself being so upset when they tear down a place that I went to. It's like they took something away from me. Even though I am not looking forward to the cold temperatures there, hopefully the beauty of the white snow will continue to remind me that I am home.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

#60-Childhood Memories

When I was younger I had dreams of being a movie star. I would dress up in my mom's clothes and pretend I was accepting my Oscar speech. Since I am older now I am glad I never became a child star. As a child star you never get to be a kid. You never get to be a regular kid and play around with the other kids in the neighborhood. Everything becomes work. This morning I woke up and it was sunny, but a little chilly. It reminded me of waking up in the morning at summer camp. At summer camp we needed to wake up early to pledge our allegiance to the American flag and start the daily activities. The weather was always slightly chilly in the morning, but by the end of the day it was blazing hot. This morning reminded me of those days when I had nothing to worry about, except if my crush liked me or not. I remember playing made up games with my cousins at my grandmother's house because we were so bored and had a few pennies to buy candy at the corner store. I am glad that I have those childhood memories to make me smile and to pass down to my kids in the future. When I was ten I couldn't wait to be an adult and now as an adult I want to hold on to those childhood memories as long as I can.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

#59-Being humble

Throughout the years I have realized that I am a bit of a know it all. After having two Virgo perfectionist parents my carefree Sagittarius self still needs to know everything. I think it comes from my love of knowledge. I am always eager to learn something new, but I think I want to seem as though I know it already! Today I was faced with a know it all in my CPR/First aid class and she kept telling me what to do and it started to bug me. I thought to myself, this chick should let the instructor teach us, but I realized that two know it all people working together doesn't help a situation. I decided to be humble and let her teach me. She has taken this class for the past few years and she obviously knows more than me. She also elaborated on her First Aid experience and I realized that she took pride in her skills. While she talked about how long she has done this and her experience, I just listened. I didn't try to seem as though I knew as much as she did. I realized that she needed the spotlight and furthermore I could learn from her. My body felt relaxed and I didn't feel tense or upset. I just let go and felt humbled by the experience. Today was a great lesson in learning that I don't know everything and I don't need to know everything. Thanks for the slice of humble pie today!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#58-Open minded people

The biggest reason why I loved living in New York City was the diversity of the people. There are so many different people from various regions in the world. I even met people who had interesting occupations. I will say that I have judged someone for what they did for a living. For example I actually met someone who was a phone sex operator. After talking with her I realized she was just a person trying to make a living just like everyone else. I really had to have an open mind while living there, especially while working in the arts and entertainment industry. I have met people here in Florida who are also open minded and I don't feel like they judge people. I think we all internally judge someone when we first meet them, but I love when people listen and try to relate to you. Those people are so easy to talk to and I am thankful for them. I feel as though they really care about what I am saying and try to relate. They might be thinking something else in their minds about you, but I always feel as though I can tell when people are being genuine. So thanks to people who listen and are accepting of people, you are amazing!

Monday, December 20, 2010

#57-Finding Great things in weird spaces

Today I took my CPR/First Aid class and it was both fun and informative. The blog today won't be very long, because of the photo I found today. Please read it because it gave me inspiration and I hope it helps you today as well. I was going to the bathroom and I found this sheet posted on the door of the stall. I couldn't believe that someone posted it for people to read as they take a dump, but it did make me read it. It is basically questions you should ask yourself at the end of the day. Isn't it great finding amazing things in weird places? It makes you kind of cock your head to the side and say to yourself, "Mmm that's an interesting place to put that!" Well, I do hope you can read the posting I found in the bathroom stall. I wish more things like this were in the stall instead of "For an easy time call Jenny at 555-Love."I'm just sayin'.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

#56-Unexpected Surprises

Everyone loves it when you get something that you didn't expect. Especially when it is something that you have been worrying about or longing for. Some people get excited by a Christmas gift that they have wanted all year. For some people it is a job and in this economy I am sure a lot of people would love that surprise. That is why I love surprise birthday parties. As we get older a lot of us don't look forward to our birthdays. It might makes us think about the things we are lacking in life. When a surprise birthday comes around, it makes you remember all the friends and family that love us so much. Things you don't expect can instantly make you feel better. Today I had a small surprise that really meant a lot to me. No matter how big or small a surprise is, it always makes us feel better!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

#55-Return Policies

Don't you love that we have a system in which you can buy something and just return it if you don't want it? Imagine if there was no return policy and you were stuck with what you had. I would probably have a lot more stuff in my house or I would be very cautious of what I bought. Maybe not having a return policy would make people spend less. We will never know. The reason why this came to mind for today's blog is because I have been returning a lot of things lately. Since it is the Christmas season I wanted to buy great gifts that were inexpensive. I wasn't sure what to give everyone so I just started buying things just to get ahead on my Christmas shopping. I found a better gift for everyone later on and it will warm their hearts. So I returned a lot of things at the store and was so happy after all that money was returned to me. I felt like I got free money. I know that it's not really free because it was just money I spent before. Anyway, I am glad I was able to have the opportunity to return those items. Again, imagine a world in which we were stuck with the random things we bought. I wouldn't want to live there!

Friday, December 17, 2010

#54-My Favorite Things

Oprah had a repeat of her favorite things episode today. She gives away to the audience her amazing favorite things. These are usually things that everyone probably has on their list to Santa Claus, but cost a lot of money. So I decided to do my list of top five favorite things! Here we go:

5. Going to Chipotle and getting things for free. I usually get the burrito bowl and ask for the tortilla on the side (free). I also love the chips and salsa there, but they only give you one cup of salsa. I always ask for two. If you ask for extra things Chipolte usually gives it to you with no charge!

4. Networking. My mom gave me this idea while looking for a job since that is what she does for a living. If you apply for a job try to find a way to get noticed. Maybe see if you know someone at the company or someone in the industry, or maybe a previous employer. Call the company and investigate who runs the department you are applying to and see if that person you know will call for you to recommend you for that job. It might get you noticed more!

3. Making music on Garage Band. It's so fun! If you have a Mac most of them come with it. Some PCs have programs as well, but I find Garage Band to be user friendly. You can even record your voice and use auto tune. Go on and search Garage Band to find tutorials! Make your own music!!!

2. Making a list before going to the grocery store saves you money! I've been making a list and check it twice! I now plan my meals for the week and only get what I need. It will keep you from buying random things at the grocery store. It takes planning, but you save a lot of money! I also don't have a lot of things I throw out because they are spoiled.

1. Making Christmas gifts. This year I am making some of my gifts. I can't tell you what I am doing because that may spoil the surprise, but I feel as though these gifts are more personal. They are coming from me because I made them. Maybe you can't do all of them this way, but maybe a few!

(FYI- I am speaking with a lot of Exclamation points because that would be when Oprah would scream to the audience, "I-PADS FOR EVERYONE.")

These are just a few of my favorite things. I am just like Oprah. I am a black woman, strong, and intelligent. Minus the millions of dollars, but who needs money when you have my favorite things!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


For today's blog I tried to look up who invented the camera and/or photographs and I received so many different results. I thought I would seem a little bit intelligent and talk about the person who first introduced this amazing invention, but it became to complicated to tell the whole of story of this invention. The history of photographs aren't as important as what they have done for us throughout the years. Today I was looking at my wedding photos. The wedding was only a few months ago, but looking at them I felt as though I was reliving the special day. I laughed at certain moments and I thought to myself thank God we have cameras to take photos of our memories. I could just store my memories in my mind, but there is something about looking at the pictures again. I feel as though I was right there. I could see the moment when I was so tired of taking pictures that the look on my face seemed as though I was smelling moldy cheese. I could recreate that memory in my mind, but seeing it in front of me is so much better. So thank you to the several people I saw on my Google results for camera inventor. You did a great job!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

#52-Losing Control

You know the song, "Que Sera, Sera" basically it means whatever will be, will be. In the past I could have listened to that song over and over again and it would mean absolutely nothing to me! Now I have learned a lot as I approach 30 and yes I do know that 30 isn't old, therefore I have a lot to still learn about. I could feel my elders waiting to say something like that. I am realizing that it is so much better to lose control. I don't mean to totally lose control and let your hair down. If we all did that this world might be a scary place. I am talking about realizing that you can only do so much and let life take you the rest of the way. Of course there are going to be ups and downs though I should take those as learning experiences. When I feel myself tense up and wanting to control a situation, I am starting to relax and just know that I can only do so much at the present time. I don't control the world, but that would be very cool if I did. Millions of dollars for everyone! I find that when I relax I physically and mentally feel better. My body doesn't feel stressed and my mind is clear. Also, what good would it do me to sit around and worry about something I can't control? So Que Sera, Sera to life!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

#51-Smiling through the pain

I exercise about 3-4 days a week and I usually do 20 minutes of cardio with intervals and I do a 45 minute strengthening workout. I lift weights and do lunges, squats, and basically anything that brings me pain! Today was very difficult because I incorporated a new move involving lunges and weights. Oh goodness, I was in so much pain while doing the workout. I decided to not only tell myself to just do it, but I obnoxiously smiled through it. Luckily I was the only one in the gym because if anyone saw my face, they would have officially deemed me as crazy. With every lift of my leg, I just kept smiling and told myself to keep going. It actually worked because I finished the entire workout with vigor and excitement. Imagine if we smiled through everything that was difficult and seemed impossible. Would your experience be any different? Would it make it harder to just give up? I know that during my workout smiling made it easier to finish. I found myself not being so serious about it! I thought to myself, "They are just lunges and squats, why not try to make them a little fun?" Again I do think if someone saw me today they would think I was crazy. Well screw them because when I look at the goals I have accomplished with my weight loss I could care less what someone thinks of me. Maybe I am being too presumptuous. Maybe they would probably just smile too!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Everyone these days wants to be a celebrity. There are so many reality shows basically promoting people to be famous. Of course lots of money, traveling and going to all the A-list parties are great, but there is still a price to pay. I love being a "regular" person. I am only famous to the friends and family that I have. I can go to the mall and no one will take photos of me and display them in the latest tabloid magazine. I won't be scrutinized because of my decisions on television. I live a private life. I actually value my privacy, but I know there are some people who wouldn't mind their life being shown on television. There must be a lot of pressure to be a certain way when you are famous. You may feel that you need to leave the house looking almost perfect and hopefully you won't have a huge pimple on your face. When I have a pimple on my face I do worry about how others' opinions of me, but it won't be in People magazine for the world to see. Call me crazy, but I don't want paparazzi hanging outside of my house basically stalking me. I just want to be me pimples, boogers and all of my faults! Oh wait I am writing about my life on this blog. Oh well, forget my privacy! ;)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

#49-Gloomy Days

Today was a cloudy and rainy day. There was no sunshine and it was a little chilly. When I mean chilly, it was about 50 degrees. Today the Midwest got hit by a crazy snow storm and it made me realize why we moved here because I really hate cold weather and I don't like snow! I grew up living in Michigan, so snow was always around me, but I don't miss it. Though looking outside and watching the news about the Midwest made me want to curl on the couch all day with a blanket. I do love sunny warm days, but nothing is better than a cloudy day that gives you an excuse to do absolutely nothing. When you talk to people and say "It's cold outside. I don't want to do a thing," they usually agree with you. When it is a gorgeous sunny day and you want to be lazy people will make you feel guilty for staying in bed. You feel compelled to get up and enjoy the day, even though you are tired. So I am happy that gloomy days give you an excuse to do absolutely nothing without anyone disagreeing with you. I think the sun is coming out tomorrow, so I better store up my energy. Well, if we chose our daily mood according to what the weather was like outside, in the winter there would be a lot of non-productive people. Well I'm glad we don't do that. So smile today because it's gloomy!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


We all have options. Well at least most of us have options in our life. We may not like the other option or the result of the option, but it does exist. I wake up in the morning everyday and usually look in the fridge to see what to have for breakfast. I usually choose cereal because it is easy, but I do have other options. I can make eggs with toast or pancakes with turkey bacon. I can even choose to not eat breakfast. This morning we ran out of milk and I was too lazy to go and get milk at the Publix around the corner from our house. I didn't feel like making anything else that required any effort, so I looked at the chips and salsa I had yesterday and decided to have that for my breakfast. Yes, I ate chips and salsa for breakfast and I enjoyed it! I could have whatever I wanted for breakfast. If I wanted pizza, I could go out and get a slice. There are people who don't have that option and if they have only rice or bread for their meal that is what they eat. I am currently deciding on a career change and I realize that I am thankful that I even have the option to do something else. Some people may think that maybe I am more fortunate than others, therefore I have that option. Though we all have an option to change our career or change something that we don't like. We may not like the possible outcome of that option, but we do in fact have an option. Just food for thought. So what am I going to eat for dinner?

Friday, December 10, 2010

#47-This world is a small place

I love living in Florida, but I must confess there are moments when I miss New York City. I miss the hustle and bustle, the crazy people, and even the dirty subway. How can you live somewhere like New York for seven years and not miss it?! Luckily my husband and I are planning to go next summer, of course when it gets warmer there. Today I was in Ross getting Christmas gifts and I was talking to the cashier about living in New York and the people behind me mentioned they were from New York. For a moment we talked about where we lived. They were from the Bronx and of course I said I was from Queens, even though I am actually from Michigan. I didn't feel like explaining my whole life story at Ross! We nodded at each other, said goodbye and have a nice day. I have had numerous experiences like that in Florida. Sometimes I feel like half of New York moved to Florida. It makes me feel like I still have a little piece of New York here. I may feel miles away from the Big Apple or the Great Lakes, but there is always someone nearby that can bring me back home. I've even met people from Michigan and it reminds me of how great Midwestern people are. It also reminds me that even though this world seems so big, it can be so small!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


What would we do in this world without friends? As I've gotten older I have learned to appreciate friends. Sometimes when we are so busy working and taking care of our business we might neglect our friends. I am not talking about just people that you speak to randomly such as associates. I am talking about great friends who you have known for a while and really know you for you! I was watching Entertainment Tonight yesterday and they had a clip of the Barbara Walters Special with Oprah Winfrey. She cried when Barbara asked about her relationship with Gayle King. By the way, I can't wait to watch the special this evening. She talked about how Gayle is such a great friend, mother, and sister that it brought her to tears. People may speculate her relationship with Gayle, but what is wrong with two people of the same sex being there for each other? A friendship can bring so much, it can bring comfort, happiness, and truth telling. We always need someone to tell us the truth. To tell us when we look crazy in those stretch pants when you are going to the club. Basically, it's nice to have someone you can really call your friend! To all the great friends out there, thank you!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

#45-Christmas Cards

I received my first Christmas card in the mail today. It even was addressed to my husband and I. I will say that this is a grown up milestone for me. After living in different apartments, probably moving like 4 times, I feel settled. I actually think I might send Christmas cards out this year and for people who know me for being a little absentminded know that this is a big step. I usually don't send cards because I usually forget to send things in the mail. Currently, the only mail I am consistent with is Netflix and that is because I don't need to find a stamp and I am watching Alias episodes (love that show)! Sending Christmas cards would be the equivalent of me looking for houses to buy. Please don't laugh, I am a Sagittarius and one of the sign's biggest faults is being commitment phobic and not wanting to settle in one place! Anyway, I love the beautiful card because it makes me feel as though someone out there really cares about me and is thinking of me. Even though there are E-cards out there, nothing beats the feeling you get when you get a card in the mail. I hope I can remember to send them this year and spread Christmas cheer all around.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#44-Back to Yourself

Have you ever had a time in your life where everything's going on around you was just too much to handle so you just didn't feel like YOU?! Well that is what I felt like for the past year or so. After going through a death, sickness, wedding craziness, and stress, I felt as though I wasn't me, like I wasn't in my skin. There were days were I knew it was me, but that everything was too much to deal with, that there were moments that I realized it wasn't me. It wasn't how I would really react in a certain situation or when you are dealing with so many emotions, you can't just catch up. Well now since the smoke has cleared, I am finally feeling back to myself. I can't tell you how much of a positive thing this is for me. I come from a family where if things aren't going right you pick yourself up and keep going. I feel that through all of those trials and tribulations, I did exactly that. I was just going through the motions and being, but not truly living. I know that especially now it is very hard for people with issues about the economy, job loss, and now with winter approaching and I know it sounds corny, but I do believe that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Everything in life has to change, nothing stays the same, if that was the case this would be a boring world. So I am thankful for feeling back to me, everything seems to be more in sync. I can't tell you how amazing this is after feeling so out of place for so long. As I said, everything changes and I'm glad it did!

Monday, December 6, 2010


When you grow up around two women (my mom and aunt) who meditated everyday, you are bound to grow up doing it. I find that as much as I said when I was younger that I would never do something, I ended up doing it. I've been doing meditation off and on since high school. Sadly to say since watching the new reality show about Russell Simmons and the women who run his business, I've been revisiting it again. I can't believe a reality show has brought me back to meditating. No one can say reality shows aren't good for you! I love meditating and I wish I did it more. It's just something that I need to be consistent with. It should be the first thing I do in the morning. No television, no music, just quiet time with myself. I usually repeat some sort of mantra over and other again and it keeps my mind from drifting off into things like bills I need to pay. After doing it I feel centered and prepared for my day. It only takes a few minutes out of my day before I do whatever I need to do for the next 12 hours. It's funny how doing something for a few minutes can help you with a whole day. I will try to continue to be consistent with it. I find it funny that I can be consistent with watching my favorite TV shows, but not to do something for a few minutes that will help me everyday! Interesting.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

#42-Romantic Relationships

I think romantic relationships are great, amazing, messy, complicated, and I could go on forever with descriptive words. I am finding that romantic relationships are becoming so different than they were maybe 20 years ago, even 10 years ago, and if we were going to go back further they are very different. With the change of gender roles and sex being put out there in front of us everyday in media, I find that a lot of people are frustrated with finding a romantic relationship. Some people I know are finding it hard to find a mate and some complain about the one they are in. I know that people are trying to find love, because I think we as humans we were born to do it. Finding someone to love and to love you is one of the greatest things on earth. Though, I've realized with every relationship there are going to be tests. Tests for your relationship and for both partners. The best thing about a romantic relationship (that isn't just based on romance) is that you learn about yourself while being in the relationship. You learn how you react to things, to others, and sometimes it shows you a big fat mirror in front of your face. I know I have seen that mirror and at the time I didn't like what I saw. Though later on I realized why the mirror was there. It was there to make me a better person and to realize that I need to take responsibility for my actions. Today's blog may be too much for some people, especially if you have never been in a committed relationship. Just think of it as any relationship, even non-romantics ones, they are there to make you better and stronger.

I know so many people who complain about dating, that they can't find the right person. Of course, people are thinking this is coming from someone who has someone, but I felt the same negative way about relationships and until I changed to a positive view and concentrated on improving myself was when I found someone. Dating is there for you to know what you will like and dislike in your perfect mate. It's like shoe shopping, except you will consistently do it for a long period of time, you will also get dinner too and other perks (hopefully). If you meet someone who spends the whole date complaining about life you will realize that it turns you off when people do that and you could never be with someone who does that! You have not only realized something about the type of person you want to be with, but simple about YOU! Again, I really think romantic relationships help you learn about yourself and what's better than learning more about how you tick. Oh we are all so self involved!!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

#41-Shoe Shopping

Today I am going to be a little materialistic and say that shoe shopping is so gratifying. Lately, I haven't been shopping because after you have a wedding and move to a different state you can't even think about shopping for shoes. I went to DSW today and I love the shoe extravaganza in there! I tried on so many shoes, but I felt so guilty for even thinking about buying knee high boots. Especially since I don't have a job and I live in an area in which you barely wear boots. I did see a few sandals that made me feel like I could justify buying them. You need a great sandal when you live in Florida, right? I decided to be responsible and not buy them. I did love trying on the shoes and basically window shopping. Some people may think that window shopping is like a tease, but like any tease you can always dream of what can become in the future! I am happy though I did something for myself today. I usually go to the gym, send resumes, work on my blog and other projects, but I felt like I did something for myself. Even though I didn't buy anything today, I gave myself the chance to try on whatever I wanted! Imagine if life was like that, we could try on anything just for fun. Try a new job, occupation, hobby, or anything! Wait, I think we can do that, but do we have the guts to actually try something new? Maybe I'm getting a little too deep, but it's something to think about!

Friday, December 3, 2010

#40-Letting go of the past

A few people recommended the book, "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle, so I read it on google books instead of buying the book so I could check it out! (Save $) I skimmed through the book and most of the comments people made about the book were true. It is a great concept - the idea of only living in what is going on now, instead of what is in the past or future. Some people told me that his writing was a little wordy and out there and I definitely agree. Let's get back to the original concept. You can learn from the past, but don't carry the past with you. That is easier said than done! When I encounter my friends, relatives, and even past relationships, I usually think of who they were in the past. I think of all the things that they have done and file it in a library in my head. No matter if in the present they are a different person, I usually think of who they were in the past. I would think most people would do this for every person that they have had a relationship with. But what if we were to throw all of those things in that library away and evaluate the person on who they are now? Would it change our perception of them and furthermore is it really possible? I am trying to seize the moment and forget what has happen in the past. I am not sure if it is working, but it has made me less angry and more zen-like. I still try to focus on my goals for the future, but I only focus on what I can do NOW to help make those goals come true. Maybe today I am just babbling, but I still feel better letting go of the past and living in the present.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

#39-Making Soup when it gets cold outside

So it's getting a little chilly here in Florida. Chilly means 60 degrees and boy does that make me happy! I decided to make soup because there is nothing better than having a bowl of soup on a chilly fall/winter day. I made squash soup because acorn squash has become my new favorite vegetable. I roasted it for 45 minutes then pureed it with cooked onions and carrots, mixed in spices and heavy cream and it is the best soup ever. Having that soup with grilled cheese with roasted peppers made an amazing lunch. What is is about having soup on a chilly day? It makes you feel warm during those cold days! Also, you can eat it for several days, so that saves me on cooking lunch for several days. Soup also fills you up even though you think it's just liquid. It is so filling. Mmm what soup should I make next? I am actually thinking about chili (BTW is chili considered a soup, I don't think so ;) ) Oh and some cornbread! I love when it gets cold outside. Bring the soup on!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

#38-Great Books

I am reading Sidney Poitier's book, "Measure of a Man" and I definitely recommend it! I've been reading more now since I am more relaxed and have time. I would see people on the train in NYC reading and wonder how do they do it? There is too much noise on the train for me to concentrate on a book. Especially with the crazy people on the train giving me a bible sermon! I basically stopped reading after college when working and auditioning took over my life. I love books that make you laugh, think and cry. I love reading this book because it's not only from an actor's perspective, but Mr. Poitier is from a time period in which a black person couldn't go to certain restaurants and definitely had issues with getting jobs in Hollywood. It's filled with great stories and an amazing perspective on life. Everyone now has cute gadgets like Kindles and I-Pads, but I am really old fashioned. I love picking up a book and reading it. I am like that with newspapers too. I love to pick up an actual newspaper and read it over tea instead of an online paper. I think it reminds me of my childhood when my dad and I would read the paper over breakfast. I would always read the comic section or "the funnies."(Did anyone else call them "the funnies?") I hope the generation after us will continue to appreciate reading. I know there is a lot of talk about illiteracy with today's youth, but I hope that it will change because there is nothing better than curling up to a good book!