Sunday, October 31, 2010


"I don't celebrate Halloween because of what it means, because it is a Satanic holiday it is a Pagan holiday and while people are going around getting free candy, other people are falling victim to human sacrifice...that's the reality of what's goin' on in Halloween." -Christine O' Donnell, Real Time with Bill Maher Oct 29, 1999.


Halloween, one of the best holidays ever! This is a time when people can play pretend and become anything and I mean anything they want to be. In college, I would see women dressed in a slutty costume and men dressing like the character they secretly wanted to be, usually superheros. I went to the store today to pick up candy for the little kids because for the first time in since living at my mom's house I am actually spending Halloween passing out candy to kids. I really want to give them veggies and bran muffins, but I will leave my beliefs about children and candy aside and join in on the fun. All kidding aside, Halloween is so fun because we all get to let our imagination go crazy. If anyone were to dress up like a crazy witch or one of the Jersey Shore cast members on any other day people would look at them like they lost their freakin' mind. It also gives the networks an excuse to run the Scream series, Charlie Brown's Pumpkin Patch, and every horror movie made! Holidays are so fun, though it sucks for those kids who parents don't believe in the holiday, or for Christine O'Donnell (see the quote above). Anyways I hope everyone dresses like sluts and popular culture celebrities and have some good old fun!

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