Monday, November 1, 2010

#8- 90.8% Employment

So I was watching the View today and Barbara commented on Jon Stewart's speech at the end of the rally this weekend. The ladies argued about how media is effecting how we live our lives in a positive and/or negative way. Joy pointed out that the media focuses on the 9 point whatever unemployment instead of the 91% or so employment to get great ratings and create fear in the American people.

I looked at the current unemployment rate in our great nation via google and the rate is 9.2%* as of September 2010. So that means that we have 90.8% employment going on in this red, white and blue country! I know that some of you may say well Positive One, you are one of those 90.8% of people working so of course this would be positive for you! How wrong are you! I am actually in the 9.2% right now as I spend my day sending out resumes and finding ways to make money. But when you hear that we are at 90.8% employment everything doesn't look as bad. Of course people are losing their homes and can't pay their debt, but maybe we should focus on the people who still have their homes and are paying that credit card bill every month. I know I am giving a lot of money in interest to those banks! Though I will be honest, that was my decision to put trips, clothes, and other random things on that card. I take responsibility and am vowing to never throw away money to any bank! So basically right now we are 90-10. Now if we were 50-50 that's half of us without a job and that will freak anyone out, but 90-10 ain't that bad.
*(US Department of Labor Statistics via google data)

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