Sunday, January 2, 2011

#70-Shutting up

I have a tendency to talk too much sometimes. I can be quiet sometimes, but I have realized especially in 2010 that is it better to sometimes keep your mouth shut. When you give advice to people they can feel like you are intruding in their world. They feel like they are the only ones who know who they are and what is going on in their minds. I always feel that way when people give me their advice. Unless it is advice that I usually agree with. I have learned lately to just shut up and listen to someone. Most of the time people want to just share what is going on in their life. If they ask for your advice, then give it to them. The conversation usually ends better that way. It has become a win win situation. They got something off their chest and you listened to them without feeling like you offended someone. Of course there are times when your opinion does matter, especially when it involves a person's life in danger. I look forward to keeping my mouth shut in 2011 and letting go. Everyone will eventually find their way that is just how the universe works!

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