Tuesday, January 4, 2011

#72- Ideas

I love my generation! My generation is so interesting because we realized that just going to a job and making money for someone else wasn't that important. I am sure that they will look at our generation years from now and say that we didn't save for retirement and lived for today. Hopefully that won't be the case, but I know so many people my age who are living for today and not thinking about when they will be old and gray (Oh I made a rhyme). They have come up with great ideas to make money for them and they have taken it to amazing levels. Take the founder (or founder of founders according to rumors) of Facebook for example. Mr. Zuckerberg basically gave higher education the middle finger and decided to start this company with the idea to connect millions of people together on one network. Everyone has ideas floating in their heads, but few people take it into action. The best thing about ideas is that they have no filter. They usually just pop up and take your dreams to new heights. The other part of your brain just destroys them and tells you that idea was stupid. Someone gave me an idea to write all the ideas that pop into my head in a notebook and just keep the notebook for future use. One day when you are feeling ambitious you may go back to that notebook and realize that those ideas weren't so stupid. More than likely someone already came up with it and is on TV making an infomercial about it. Ideas are there for a reason, they are the beginning to our dreams and wishes. It's all about who has the guts to do them.

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