Friday, January 14, 2011

#82-Unconditional Love

Love is definitely a beautiful thing, but what happens when you love and get nothing in return? You can love someone, but when they don't love you anymore, treat you badly or have given up on that love, does your love still flourish? These are questions that I have been faced with in the past few years. It is just like the saying, "Love your enemies." That is easier said than done. Sometimes when you are in a relationship with someone who is angry with you or has done something you don't like it is very hard to still love them in the midst of it all. I feel like that is the pure definition of unconditional love. You love someone no matter what. You love them even when they have shown a side of them that you don't like. Usually when you give unconditional love to someone who hasn't shown you that love back , they are often surprised. That is not what is typical human behavior. Wars are built on enemies combating each other, not giving love. I have in the past year learned to unconditionally love people, even when they show me a part of them I don't like. Even if someone has done be wrong, I am trying to still have love for them. Just because you have love for them doesn't mean that you don't have a right to send them on their merry way. Of course I am talking in general statements. Every relationship is different. Though what if we loved people without expecting any love in return? All I can say is this world would be a different place!

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  1. Hi i chanced upon your blog and the posts are good. On this particular post I must say ,it's very inspiring to read it and to know people like you are there :) Unconditional love exists and should flourish...keep going..hope to see more of your posts.