Wednesday, January 12, 2011

#80-New Knowledge

I have come to the conclusion that I am either going to repeat titles on this blog or have nothing to write about some days. I am learning to actually be okay with that. Some days I am not going to have anything to write about and I will probably just randomly pick things. Some days are good and some are not, that is life! Anyway, today I learned a lot of new things today. When we got into the car today, the notice for low tire pressure came on the dashboard. My husband and I went to the gas station to put air in the tires and he taught me how to check the tire pressure. He first asked me did I want to learn and my know-it-all self at first resisted. Then I realized that I should learn and gave in. I was so proud of myself for learning and listen how to correctly put air in the tires. In the past I usually just put air in the tires and I usually go by how they look. I am glad that I decided to open myself up today and learn something new. Now I know how to do tire pressure for everyone!

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