Monday, January 10, 2011


Remember back in the day when people used to tie a string around their finger to remember something? I am glad that we have Blackberries, paper, computers, and other technological device to help us remember things. Today Verizon reminded me via text to monitor my data usage. I recently switched to a plan that allows me less time to mindlessly scroll through the Internet. Thanks to Verizon and their reminder text it made me slow down on using my Blackberry to research random things while I am watching TV. I am so thankful for having all the high tech reminders we have today. What if we only relied on that string around our finger? I wonder did people attach a note to that string because I would have never remembered what I was supposed to remember. I am still a little old school and I love writing things down on pieces of paper and I love posted notes. If we didn't have all these things to help us remember we may forget appointments or paying our bills. We all know that we can't forget to pay our bills, those late fees are crazy!

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  1. yes writing down is what reminds me better :) again a nice post very frankly written :)