Thursday, November 4, 2010

#11---Money, Bling bling, dough, moolah

I love songs about money. Remember that song that goes "I want money lots and lots of money, I want a pie in the sky, I wanna be rich!" Hopefully I got the lyrics right. I tend to insert lyrics that don't belong in songs. Anyway, money for some people can be positive or negative, but for this blog we are going to say that money is positive! Yesterday I bought a lottery ticket after having a weird dream with five numbers and I just picked a random number for the powerball. No, I didn't win the lottery. I went to the 7-11 to get the ticket and the lady at the counter was so excited about the amount of money you could win for this week's lottery. She said in a high pitched voice, "Do you know how much it is, like 130 something million dollars. Oh my gosh!" She kept gawking about the amount of money, while I escaped out of the slurpee store! She was too excited about just the thought of millions of dollars. How would she react if she won? Whew! Isn't it funny how money makes us so excited? If I find a few dollars I didn't expect or a 20 dollar bill on the ground, I usually declare that it's my lucky day! Even if something bad happens after I find that 20 dollar bill, it doesn't matter because I found that 20 on the ground. It's funny how money can make us so happy and make us so sad when we don't have it! Though for most people, we always have money, we always have change or at least 2 dollars in our bank account. Sure it's not unexpected money, but it's still money! Just a thought. Have a prosperous day!

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