Saturday, November 6, 2010

#13- Television

We are so lucky sometimes I don't think we even realize it! When I look at television I see how lucky we are and that there is so much wealth in the world! Even the days when I feel like I haven't achieved enough or done enough, or made enough money. Television can sometimes make you feel the opposite, it can make you feel more negative about yourself, but I never look at it that way. I love watching the Real Housewives series (please don't judge me). So yesterday I was watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills via DVR (another reason why television is so great). Taylor was giving her four year old a birthday party that pretty much could pay for my student loans, credit cards, car loans and still leave with money to survive for the rest of the year! The little girl didn't seem to care about the extravagant party, but Taylor sure did! She invited her friends for a catered lunch and champagne, plus crazy gifts like diamond necklaces. I though to myself not only is this lady crazy, but they are spending a lot of freaking money! Then I realized that there is a lot of money in this world and that it is available and abundant even when it doesn't seem like it. Even when I look on TV and see other people struggling in the world, seeing the flood victims in Haiti, I still believe there is abundant money in this world but these people haven't been able to get it. For some people it may make them angry or upset. Why do some people get to have money and others don't? Though money is like everything else, some people have it some people won't. Those people that have money may not have love or family or self confidence. Someone will always have something that you want. I think it is just in our human nature to want something someone has. I am so glad though that we have TV to show us all this crazy stuff. Television gives us the news, dramas, comedies, cooking shows, reality shows, and the list goes on. It shows us the outrageous moments of our humanity and the beautiful moments that make us who we are. It can be something that is negative, but hey I love it so it's a positive for me. Thank you television!

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