Friday, November 26, 2010

#33-Positive Airport Tips

Don't you remember when flying on a domestic airline was so easy and comfortable? Remember when they used to give you peanuts and not charge you for a "snack pack?!" Those where the good old days! I have put together a few positive tips to make your traveling less expensive and a little like the old days!

1. Invest in a reusable water bottle. I got mine from TJMaxx for like 3 bucks and I love it. I take it to the gym, the beach and to the airport. Before you leave to go to the airport empty the bottle and go to the water fountain and fill it up after going through security. If you like lemon water, put a few slices in a plastic TSA approved bag and put it next to your toiletries when you need to take it out to put in that nifty gray bucket! Also, if you don't want to buy a bottle, just empty out any plastic bottle and reuse it! You will save 3 or 4 bucks on water at the airport. If you like H20!

2. Make a sandwich at home or even carry leftovers in tupperware. I carried my Thanksgiving leftovers on the plane and ate it a little cold, but it was still good! I warmed it up before I left and it stayed lukewarm. If that's too adventurous for you, just make a sandwich. You can even make a salad, just put the dressing in a ziploc bag and put it with your bagged toiletries (if any). You can get plastic utensils from the airport food places. Money saved: about $7 or so on airport food or "Market place snack packs"

3. Pack your own snacks. Chips, nuts, whatever you like. It's a solid so it's TSA approved!

4. Pick your seats as soon as you buy your ticket. Where you sit can play a big part in your comfort during the flight trip. Choose a aisle seat on a long flight! It would suck if the person in the middle or the aisle seat slept the whole flight!

5. Definitely check in online and print your boarding pass up to 2S hours before your flight's departure. You can skip everything and go straight to security.

6. Try not to check your bags because of the crazy bag checking fees! I usually pack light and fill up my liquid toiletries in a traveling kit. You can find it in any drugstore and at some dollar stores if you really want to save. When I am going to places like my mom's house, I just use her toothpaste, face wash, etc. Also sometimes they have to check your bag last minute because of lack of space. Can you say free checked bag? Just know that reports have said airlines have made a huge profit off of checked bag fees. I'm just sayin'!

7. There are other things that I won't suggest because they involve lying just for comfort and I don't want TSA after me! Plus lying is wrong! Ex: faking low blood sugar to get free food, faking injuries to get wheelchair access and early boarding, etc.

Special thanks for these tips from:
- The lady who I saw fill her empty water bottle and gave me the idea. Genius!
- My aunt for convincing me to take a plate of Thanksgiving goodies today.
-My parents for showing me the art of saving money!

Hope you enjoyed the positive airline flying tips today!

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