Sunday, November 21, 2010

#28- Cooking

Cooking is very therapeutic for me and I love to find a new recipe to tackle. Though there are times when I don't cook and I go out to eat, but then I say to myself, "I could have cooked that and cooked it better!" I've been cooking consistently since I was 9 years old. My mom was a single mother, so I started cooking for her when she came home from work. I actually thought I would go to culinary school instead of college. After working in a restaurant and seeing the difference between cooking at home and in an industrial kitchen during a rush, I am glad I decided to go to college. I figured that I could be a chef in my own home. I am happy that I have a kitchen that I feel great about cooking in. My old kitchen in New York was the size of a full size mattress, but my kitchen in Florida is a lot larger. I enjoy mixing together the ingredients and hoping it comes out fabulous. I don't mean to boast but it usually does! Yesterday I made Baked Ziti and it was so good, mmm what will I make today?!

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