Friday, November 12, 2010


Today I am not talking about the dreams that happen when you go to sleep. I am talking about the dreams, the wishes that you want to happen in your life. When I was younger I would dress in my mom's clothes while she was at work and pretend I was a business woman. I would come up with scenes probably firing an employee or getting a promotion. Sometimes I would pretend I was sitting with Oprah talking about the next movie with Denzel Washington. I was an only child so maybe that is what kept me company, but I knew that it was my dream to become an actress. It has been an interesting journey from playing Joan of Arc in middle school acting competitions, tap dancing as a chorus girl, and then moving to New York performing in shows. I love theater and I love how people can be inspired by a performance or script. I find myself feeling as though I have achieved my dream, even though some people may think being in Hollywood would be on top of my dream arc, I beg to disagree. My dream was being in the industry and enjoying it. I find myself now finding a new dream, it may still be in the business and might take a different form, so I am listening to myself and really listening to my dreams. Acting was never my only dream. Most people don't just have one, achieve it and then say, "Okay no more dreams for me!" Life would be incredibly boring if that was the case and we would have nothing to motivate us. Our dreams make us get up, push ourselves and dare to be different. I love my dreams and hope to achieve every single one of them. What are your dreams? BTW- The picture above is an old picture of Eartha Kitt taking a dance class taught by Katherine Dunham back in the day, also James Dean is in the back. Crazy!! Imagine if they never dreamed!

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