Sunday, November 7, 2010

#14- La Familia

Family, can't live with them, can't live without them! Family can take so many forms. If you don't have your biological family, your adoption parents can serve as your family and sometimes friends can be your family. I am an only child and let me tell you that when I have children, I will never let my child be the only one. Growing up I always wanted a brother or sister until when I became a teenager. When I became a teenager I didn't want anyone to steal the spotlight! When you are an only child you only need to share with your parents. I look at my friends who have siblings and my husband,who has a ton of them, and I see how they sacrifice for their siblings. They are more likely to know what it's like to give and to share with other people. I have slowly learned how to share and how to let people in more. But when you come from a world in which you didn't need to worry about anyone else but yourself, it's kind of hard to change.

I am also learning how family can be there for you when you are feeling down or send you a cute card that makes you smile. Since we are getting close to the holidays it's the perfect time to spend with your family. My family is all over the U.S. and hopefully I can get on a plane to see them. As I get older, I learn to appreciate them even if they get on your nerves sometimes. I mean everyone has their weird quirks about them, but one thing you can always depend on is family.
Enjoy yours!

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