Friday, November 5, 2010

#12 - Free and Cheap Stuff

So everyday is definitely like a box of chocolates you never know what you gonna get! Oh Forrest Gump. Some days are good, some days are not so good and I guess I need to roll with the punches. The great thing that happened to me today was that I went grocery shopping and got two great bargains that saved me a lot of money. Remember yesterday how I said that if you find money on the ground it can make your day so much better? This was exactly what happened.

Right now ,I am, along with everyone in America, trying to save on groceries or anything for that matter after coming out of this recession (or maybe we are still in it, not sure). I got a coupon in the mail from Whole Foods welcoming us to our new neighborhood. The coupon read, "One Free Rotisserie Chicken." Uuuh what? A Free Chicken? I love Rotisserie Chicken because you can easily make it last for four days if you are single or for us it will last for two meals. You just make a salad with it and it makes a great lunch or dinner. Plus at Whole Foods the Chicken is like 8 bucks. I was so excited to give the lady at the counter my coupon and with pasta, cereal, tofu, and my organic beans (don't forget the chicken) the total was like 8 bucks! Next, I went to the regular grocery store (a.k.a the cheaper one) and all the Perdue chicken was 50% off. I didn't question if this chicken was safe because the date was okay and all that chicken for like 3 bucks was amazing! I gave it a sniff to see if it was okay. Cheap chicken is fine as long as it doesn't send you to the emergency room! I'm always curious if other people get as excited about getting a bargain. Sometimes I wonder maybe I am just weird, but it's like I said yesterday, I think everyone loves free money. Plus it made me feel so much better today!

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