Saturday, November 20, 2010

#27- Being Different

Growing up I always felt different. I am not sure if everyone feels that way, but I always felt that way. The moment I knew I was different was at the tender age of 5. I went to Montessori school and we had a trip to McDonald's. Every kid loves McDonald's right? Not me! I had never been to McDonald's. I didn't have fast food until I was about 12. My mom refused to feed me any fast food, plus my mom was going through a vegetarian phase. I remember eating Tofu and Brown rice and vegetables, but a Happy Meal oh no! She would feed me chicken and fish, but I didn't eat red meat. From what I remember my mom said that the school wanted everyone to have a happy meal with a hamburger, but my mom requested that have chicken nuggets. I am not sure if this is just a random memory, but I remember the feeling on that day. I remember the kids asking me why I didn't eat McDonald's and that I was weird because I didn't. I also have a memory of always bring peanut butter and honey sandwiches on whole wheat to lunch when I was young and the kids making funny faces at my weird sandwich. I have so many other stories to tell, but I won't make this a sob story about my life!

It's not until I am slowly approaching 30 that I realize it's great to be different. I am understanding that sometimes you won't do things like everyone else, but they aren't the ones living your life and walking in your shoes. My wedding was even non-traditional, but that is how my husband and I wanted it. It was the best day of my life and I did it by my rules. I only wish I decided to do that earlier, because when I look back on my life things might have been a little different. But hey, you live and you learn. Well, I've learned that being different is alright with me!

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