Tuesday, November 9, 2010

#16- The ability to learn

So yesterday was kind of an awakening. I read the popular book, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and now I realize what the hype was about. Plus I think any book that sheds some light on how to make money like the rich will be a best seller. I read the book in about 4 hours, now let me tell you that I don't read a lot and for me to read a book in 4 hours was an achievement. There are several things I liked and didn't like about the book, but the book basically let people know that we have the ability to change our financial situation in life. All we need is knowledge, confidence, and a little guts. If you want a lot of money, then you need to know a lot about money. If you wanted to be a successful doctor, you would go to medical school and learn everything about medicine, then you would complete your residency that would further teach you more about your speciality, and even after that you are continually learning. I always said that I would love to have a lot of money and I don't mean like billions of dollars, but to just not have any debt and feel like I am ahead of the game. Though, I was one of those people that it you even said the word "accounting," I would run away! After reading the book I felt so much more educated in real estate, corporations, and taxes and found myself wanting to learn more. I sometimes forget that I do have a brain and it loves to learn new things. And let me tell you when you are going to work everyday, cooking, cleaning, and come home and sit on the couch your brain doesn't get much of a workout. I hate when people say, Oh she or he is so smart. That person who made the comment is smart they just don't think they are. It just takes the will and our brains will just do the rest. I hope this continues because when you have knowledge you have power and it's as simple as that. (and I don't mean going to school, you can have knowledge without it; just a thought)

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