Tuesday, November 23, 2010

#30-Airport People

So today I am doing by blog from good old San Francisco! (Singing, "I left my heart in San Francisco") This city reminds me of New York because of the subway and all of the different types of people. People are always asking you for money on the streets, even more than in New York. My husband and I are in two different coasts for the Thanksgiving holiday and I spent most of today at the airport. I love people watching in the airport because there are so many different types of people from all parts of the world. It reminds me of certain neighborhoods in Manhattan where you can look at everyone and know what part of Manhattan you are in. In each city airport there are people from other parts of the world, but there are also people from that city. In Orlando, everyone is in flip flops with t-shirts and jeans on. In Charlotte, North Carolina you saw everything from cowboy hats to girls with a cool hip downtown vibe. I loved the ladies in boots at Charlotte's airport. The cowboy boots and knee highs were worn perfectly with their skinny jeans. You know you are at LaGuardia airport in New York because everyone is running around like they are late to work! That's New York for you. It's so interesting to experience people outside of your neighborhood or city. You get to see what the United States of America is really about. A cosmopolitan of people just trying to get on a plane to anywhere they can get a turkey and some dressing (oops I meant stuffing :)!

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