Sunday, November 14, 2010

#21 - Comedy

I usually don't find most comedians very funny. If I was an audience member I would probably chuckle at a few jokes, but there are only a few comedians who make me crack up. I think it usually depends on the topics that the comedians speak about. I usually laugh at political comics (because politics right now is so funny without anyone calling attention to it) and I laugh when comics talk about relationships or marriage. I think people laugh at what relates to them. No matter if you laugh at the black comic or the redneck guy with a crazy Southern accent, comedians definitely brighten up our lives. Studies have shown laughter can improve your health and even burn calories. Plus it makes you feel great. I could have a bad day or moment and watching a comic or being with a funny friend will make you feel better. Do you know that feeling when you are laughing at something so hard your chest hurts? I have a love hate relationship with that feeling. When you laugh that hard it physically hurts (only for a moment), but it feels so good afterwards. I need to laugh more often even when I am feeling at my worst. Laughing will improve those frown lines and even make you look younger. FYI!!!

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