Saturday, December 18, 2010

#55-Return Policies

Don't you love that we have a system in which you can buy something and just return it if you don't want it? Imagine if there was no return policy and you were stuck with what you had. I would probably have a lot more stuff in my house or I would be very cautious of what I bought. Maybe not having a return policy would make people spend less. We will never know. The reason why this came to mind for today's blog is because I have been returning a lot of things lately. Since it is the Christmas season I wanted to buy great gifts that were inexpensive. I wasn't sure what to give everyone so I just started buying things just to get ahead on my Christmas shopping. I found a better gift for everyone later on and it will warm their hearts. So I returned a lot of things at the store and was so happy after all that money was returned to me. I felt like I got free money. I know that it's not really free because it was just money I spent before. Anyway, I am glad I was able to have the opportunity to return those items. Again, imagine a world in which we were stuck with the random things we bought. I wouldn't want to live there!

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