Thursday, December 2, 2010

#39-Making Soup when it gets cold outside

So it's getting a little chilly here in Florida. Chilly means 60 degrees and boy does that make me happy! I decided to make soup because there is nothing better than having a bowl of soup on a chilly fall/winter day. I made squash soup because acorn squash has become my new favorite vegetable. I roasted it for 45 minutes then pureed it with cooked onions and carrots, mixed in spices and heavy cream and it is the best soup ever. Having that soup with grilled cheese with roasted peppers made an amazing lunch. What is is about having soup on a chilly day? It makes you feel warm during those cold days! Also, you can eat it for several days, so that saves me on cooking lunch for several days. Soup also fills you up even though you think it's just liquid. It is so filling. Mmm what soup should I make next? I am actually thinking about chili (BTW is chili considered a soup, I don't think so ;) ) Oh and some cornbread! I love when it gets cold outside. Bring the soup on!!!

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