Wednesday, December 15, 2010

#52-Losing Control

You know the song, "Que Sera, Sera" basically it means whatever will be, will be. In the past I could have listened to that song over and over again and it would mean absolutely nothing to me! Now I have learned a lot as I approach 30 and yes I do know that 30 isn't old, therefore I have a lot to still learn about. I could feel my elders waiting to say something like that. I am realizing that it is so much better to lose control. I don't mean to totally lose control and let your hair down. If we all did that this world might be a scary place. I am talking about realizing that you can only do so much and let life take you the rest of the way. Of course there are going to be ups and downs though I should take those as learning experiences. When I feel myself tense up and wanting to control a situation, I am starting to relax and just know that I can only do so much at the present time. I don't control the world, but that would be very cool if I did. Millions of dollars for everyone! I find that when I relax I physically and mentally feel better. My body doesn't feel stressed and my mind is clear. Also, what good would it do me to sit around and worry about something I can't control? So Que Sera, Sera to life!

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