Monday, December 13, 2010


Everyone these days wants to be a celebrity. There are so many reality shows basically promoting people to be famous. Of course lots of money, traveling and going to all the A-list parties are great, but there is still a price to pay. I love being a "regular" person. I am only famous to the friends and family that I have. I can go to the mall and no one will take photos of me and display them in the latest tabloid magazine. I won't be scrutinized because of my decisions on television. I live a private life. I actually value my privacy, but I know there are some people who wouldn't mind their life being shown on television. There must be a lot of pressure to be a certain way when you are famous. You may feel that you need to leave the house looking almost perfect and hopefully you won't have a huge pimple on your face. When I have a pimple on my face I do worry about how others' opinions of me, but it won't be in People magazine for the world to see. Call me crazy, but I don't want paparazzi hanging outside of my house basically stalking me. I just want to be me pimples, boogers and all of my faults! Oh wait I am writing about my life on this blog. Oh well, forget my privacy! ;)

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