Saturday, December 4, 2010

#41-Shoe Shopping

Today I am going to be a little materialistic and say that shoe shopping is so gratifying. Lately, I haven't been shopping because after you have a wedding and move to a different state you can't even think about shopping for shoes. I went to DSW today and I love the shoe extravaganza in there! I tried on so many shoes, but I felt so guilty for even thinking about buying knee high boots. Especially since I don't have a job and I live in an area in which you barely wear boots. I did see a few sandals that made me feel like I could justify buying them. You need a great sandal when you live in Florida, right? I decided to be responsible and not buy them. I did love trying on the shoes and basically window shopping. Some people may think that window shopping is like a tease, but like any tease you can always dream of what can become in the future! I am happy though I did something for myself today. I usually go to the gym, send resumes, work on my blog and other projects, but I felt like I did something for myself. Even though I didn't buy anything today, I gave myself the chance to try on whatever I wanted! Imagine if life was like that, we could try on anything just for fun. Try a new job, occupation, hobby, or anything! Wait, I think we can do that, but do we have the guts to actually try something new? Maybe I'm getting a little too deep, but it's something to think about!

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