Thursday, December 16, 2010


For today's blog I tried to look up who invented the camera and/or photographs and I received so many different results. I thought I would seem a little bit intelligent and talk about the person who first introduced this amazing invention, but it became to complicated to tell the whole of story of this invention. The history of photographs aren't as important as what they have done for us throughout the years. Today I was looking at my wedding photos. The wedding was only a few months ago, but looking at them I felt as though I was reliving the special day. I laughed at certain moments and I thought to myself thank God we have cameras to take photos of our memories. I could just store my memories in my mind, but there is something about looking at the pictures again. I feel as though I was right there. I could see the moment when I was so tired of taking pictures that the look on my face seemed as though I was smelling moldy cheese. I could recreate that memory in my mind, but seeing it in front of me is so much better. So thank you to the several people I saw on my Google results for camera inventor. You did a great job!

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