Saturday, December 11, 2010


We all have options. Well at least most of us have options in our life. We may not like the other option or the result of the option, but it does exist. I wake up in the morning everyday and usually look in the fridge to see what to have for breakfast. I usually choose cereal because it is easy, but I do have other options. I can make eggs with toast or pancakes with turkey bacon. I can even choose to not eat breakfast. This morning we ran out of milk and I was too lazy to go and get milk at the Publix around the corner from our house. I didn't feel like making anything else that required any effort, so I looked at the chips and salsa I had yesterday and decided to have that for my breakfast. Yes, I ate chips and salsa for breakfast and I enjoyed it! I could have whatever I wanted for breakfast. If I wanted pizza, I could go out and get a slice. There are people who don't have that option and if they have only rice or bread for their meal that is what they eat. I am currently deciding on a career change and I realize that I am thankful that I even have the option to do something else. Some people may think that maybe I am more fortunate than others, therefore I have that option. Though we all have an option to change our career or change something that we don't like. We may not like the possible outcome of that option, but we do in fact have an option. Just food for thought. So what am I going to eat for dinner?

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