Friday, December 17, 2010

#54-My Favorite Things

Oprah had a repeat of her favorite things episode today. She gives away to the audience her amazing favorite things. These are usually things that everyone probably has on their list to Santa Claus, but cost a lot of money. So I decided to do my list of top five favorite things! Here we go:

5. Going to Chipotle and getting things for free. I usually get the burrito bowl and ask for the tortilla on the side (free). I also love the chips and salsa there, but they only give you one cup of salsa. I always ask for two. If you ask for extra things Chipolte usually gives it to you with no charge!

4. Networking. My mom gave me this idea while looking for a job since that is what she does for a living. If you apply for a job try to find a way to get noticed. Maybe see if you know someone at the company or someone in the industry, or maybe a previous employer. Call the company and investigate who runs the department you are applying to and see if that person you know will call for you to recommend you for that job. It might get you noticed more!

3. Making music on Garage Band. It's so fun! If you have a Mac most of them come with it. Some PCs have programs as well, but I find Garage Band to be user friendly. You can even record your voice and use auto tune. Go on and search Garage Band to find tutorials! Make your own music!!!

2. Making a list before going to the grocery store saves you money! I've been making a list and check it twice! I now plan my meals for the week and only get what I need. It will keep you from buying random things at the grocery store. It takes planning, but you save a lot of money! I also don't have a lot of things I throw out because they are spoiled.

1. Making Christmas gifts. This year I am making some of my gifts. I can't tell you what I am doing because that may spoil the surprise, but I feel as though these gifts are more personal. They are coming from me because I made them. Maybe you can't do all of them this way, but maybe a few!

(FYI- I am speaking with a lot of Exclamation points because that would be when Oprah would scream to the audience, "I-PADS FOR EVERYONE.")

These are just a few of my favorite things. I am just like Oprah. I am a black woman, strong, and intelligent. Minus the millions of dollars, but who needs money when you have my favorite things!

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