Wednesday, December 8, 2010

#45-Christmas Cards

I received my first Christmas card in the mail today. It even was addressed to my husband and I. I will say that this is a grown up milestone for me. After living in different apartments, probably moving like 4 times, I feel settled. I actually think I might send Christmas cards out this year and for people who know me for being a little absentminded know that this is a big step. I usually don't send cards because I usually forget to send things in the mail. Currently, the only mail I am consistent with is Netflix and that is because I don't need to find a stamp and I am watching Alias episodes (love that show)! Sending Christmas cards would be the equivalent of me looking for houses to buy. Please don't laugh, I am a Sagittarius and one of the sign's biggest faults is being commitment phobic and not wanting to settle in one place! Anyway, I love the beautiful card because it makes me feel as though someone out there really cares about me and is thinking of me. Even though there are E-cards out there, nothing beats the feeling you get when you get a card in the mail. I hope I can remember to send them this year and spread Christmas cheer all around.

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