Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#58-Open minded people

The biggest reason why I loved living in New York City was the diversity of the people. There are so many different people from various regions in the world. I even met people who had interesting occupations. I will say that I have judged someone for what they did for a living. For example I actually met someone who was a phone sex operator. After talking with her I realized she was just a person trying to make a living just like everyone else. I really had to have an open mind while living there, especially while working in the arts and entertainment industry. I have met people here in Florida who are also open minded and I don't feel like they judge people. I think we all internally judge someone when we first meet them, but I love when people listen and try to relate to you. Those people are so easy to talk to and I am thankful for them. I feel as though they really care about what I am saying and try to relate. They might be thinking something else in their minds about you, but I always feel as though I can tell when people are being genuine. So thanks to people who listen and are accepting of people, you are amazing!

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