Friday, December 24, 2010

#61-Going back home

Moving almost every two years makes me feel as though I have several homes. Right now Florida is my home, but I can relate to New York and even to Ann Arbor, Michigan where I went to school. Though there is something about the place where you actually grew up. The place where you had your childhood memories and where your family lives. Even though I don't want to move back there, I do enjoy when I go home. While driving to my my mom's house we always pass the familiar places that I can remember and the restaurants I wish they had all around the world. I love to see the changes they made to places that were once familiar to me. Then I catch myself being so upset when they tear down a place that I went to. It's like they took something away from me. Even though I am not looking forward to the cold temperatures there, hopefully the beauty of the white snow will continue to remind me that I am home.

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